He’s Just Not That Into You (BUT WHY NOT?)

This is definitely going to be a chick flick and a good one at that. Most women tend to speculate about a guy the minute they set eyes on him and hence this becomes a common topic of discussion among women in bathrooms, over lunch and after work drinks. the movie is right on target. I am also pleased with the cast selection and know that if they were given the right part and storyline, the movie will be as successful as Sex In the City. Aniston has picked a good one to take part in and I am sure she will give it her best, Barrymore is always good in these funny sappy type movies, Johanssen is also nice on film. So February 6, 2009, mark it on your calendar and make it a point to see it, with your girlfriends, boyfriends or husbands, believe me they will enjoy it.

2 replies to “He’s Just Not That Into You (BUT WHY NOT?)

  1. He’s Just not into youWell, I’m not into this movie either, seems like hollywood has the case of repetitionitis or they can find better books to bring into the screen, I think these ensembles never seems to work, too many stories to follow and they never developed and none are good, didn’t we see this one when it’s called Sex in the City? skip and wait to rent it, yes Jennifer, Ben and Johansson are in this one but who cares, they are just doing repeated roles of other movies we have seen them in.

  2. Well, nevertheless the chicks will go see it with their sig. others to point out why they may feel “He’s just not that into her”, I would still see it in the theatre first.

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