Wendy and Lucy

Opens Dec 10th – Touching and wonderfully orchestrated story directed by Kelly Reichardt. Michelle Williams, who is a gifted young actress, will sure receive an Oscar nomination for her performance in this movie. It is a sad and real look at America’s young adults and their quest to find themselves and the constant uphill battles they must face and conquer. I am not sure if this movie will interest the young going through it at this stage in their lives but it will bring the parents into the theaters. Reichardt is able to get the message across with this one for sure.

One reply to “Wendy and Lucy

  1. Wendy and Lucy.This one somber and depressing film, but with the good intentions of the director and actress in the leading role, we will find ourselves questioning the current state of affairs of our great nation, in which many Americans live with day in day out, superb acting and worth to see it, it’s only 88 minutes long but at the end you will asking for more, you really learned to care for these characters. Wendy travel across the northwest in her way to Alaska, this is not another from last year’s “into the wild” , with her faithful companion Lucy a brown mutt dog. a must see. She really is becoming a force to be reckon with, I foresee a nomination for her in this role.

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