Aniston and Butler Merger – Quelle Shock!!! x 2

Yeah well as we all know or hear these two, over dinner and some drinks in Beverly Hills, had their preliminary talks about making a movie together. It is very important for celebrity to have these outings to make sure they have the chemistry needed to be on the same screen. Apparently with Gerry’s goofiness and Scottish charm and Jennifer’s need for attention and good times, they bonded to no ones surprise. Aniston has decided, I think I read about this back in 2007, to make a movie about the Goree Girls, a musical prison extravaganza and felt Gerry would be a good fit for the movie.Hmmm. Need to digest this concept. Aniston as an inmate – far from it. Behind the camera might be a better spot for her in this case. As a matter of a fact I called it back in 2007 that these two were going to co-mingle business and perhaps a future pleasure. Anyway, Butler is a camilian he can play most any role he puts his mind to, but Aniston unfortunately is stuck in “Rachel” type roles for the rest of her life and that is all she can do. Remember what happened with Derailed for her, the movie had a good plot but she was not the right person to play the role. Perhaps Nicole Kidman would have been better. WOW, it’s been announced they are scheduled to make another movie together about a Bounty Hunter and his ex-wife..Not yet titled.

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