Bride Wars

Opens January 9, 2009: Here is an interesting and creative storyline about two friends who have always fantasized and planned their wedding details throughout their lives. The problem is that when the day finally arrives to set a date, both girls do so perfectly until a clerical errors causes them to fight over the same date for the wedding. Kate Hudson takes her first crack at producing and starring in a film with Bride Wars and I think it’s a pretty safe investment for a starter producer. The timing is good for the release date as most brides begin to plan their nuptials around January and thus will drag their significant others to see this movie. Hathaway is always a pleasure to watch onscreen except she seems a bit anorexic in this one. Nevertheless, a fun cast, a new twist on the whole wedding theme and lots of fashion. I think it will be a fun one to see right after the holidays.

One reply to “Bride Wars

  1. This should be a real funny movie. The best part is that two women are at each other’s throats after being best friends. I like that the casting crew picked these two for the movie, they are both cute and go figure a blonde and a brunnette (the war continues). I would see this movie!

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