Seven Pounds – Revised

Opens December 19th: Will Smith plays an IRS agent given the opportunity to change the lives of certain individuals to redeem himself. From watching the trailer pre-opening I was actually touched by what I saw so far. However, after seeing it in the theatre I was extremely disappointed with the plot. The movie has a slow start, not making too much sense. It drags on throughout as well, trying to tell a story of a miserable man, who killed his fiance and a van full of people while driving and text messaging. He decides he is going to commit suicide in order to give back to a handful of worthy people his vital organs as a means of redeeming himself. I think I would have preferred it if he was dying of some incurable ailment rather than suicide and what a dreadful death he faced in order to accomplish his task. It was a total disappointment for me to see this movie. It was too much like I am Legend and the acting wasn’t all that convincing. Bypass this movie all together.

One reply to “Seven Pounds – Revised

  1. This should be one of the biggest movies this winter, why? very simple… we can all relate to it. Just think of the un-intentional impact you have had in the lives of others; Now imagine if you could intentionally do things to change others’ lives for the better. GREAT concept huh? I’m looking forward to seeing this movie, I think it’ll challenge my brain and actually make me think about not only mine but others’ lives also.

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