New In Town

Coming January 30th – Haven’t you ever been told by your boss you are transferring to some God awful place to re-organize a division of the company and you are sent there without a “how to” manual? It’s funny we all think Anywhere USA is like the next town over until we get there and realize we are literally a foreigner. Very happy to see this movie was put together and of course Renee “Bridget Jones” Zellweger is the perfect fit to play the role. Harry Connick Jr. tends to slip right into the old country boy shoes easily, it’s too bad he loses his charming and debonair self often when he plays these roles but nonetheless it’s always a pleasure seeing him on the silver screen now and again. This movie will not be a big hit at the box office but will be a popular DVD rental for sure.

One reply to “New In Town

  1. Oh Dear!Ok, so I have no problem going to the theater to watch a chick flick here and there… BUT sometimes I draw the line. Can you say Men in Trees, yeap, that’s what this movie made me think off when I read the plot… ok,ok so what if the storyline is somewhat similar, right? Still, this movie seems to be too “chiky” for me. Is it cold in here or is it just me, well gotta go shut the window, bye!

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