Slumdog Millionaire

Now Playing in limited engagements. A must see! A fascinating, well crafted, beautifully told story of an Indian boy’s trials and tribulations of life and all that comes his way as he endures a heartrenching game of survival throughout his childhood as an orphan in India. A British filmmaker’s, Danny Boyle, vision has paid off as he is able to truly capture and relay the struggles of Jamal throughout his childhood, and his efforts to win the heart of the girl he knew he was always destined to be with. Make it a point to see this movie no matter what.

One reply to “Slumdog Millionaire

  1. This movie is the South Asian “Rocky”. It will inspire the hopeless and feed the starving stomachs of the “can’t be done” culture into believing the Nike slogan. I absolutely recommend seeing this movie. Watch and learn; no matter what, there are others that are going through equally bad or worse times throughout their lives then either you or I could imagine. A good eye opener. You would have to live this life if you wanted to experience it closer. Two thumbs up!

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