Everlasting Moments – March 6, 2009

Set in Sweden in the early 1900, the movie is about a woman named Maria, who finds an escape from her life with the camera she wins in a lottery. As she discovers her talent through the camera, she must make a choice between her life and her passion. This is a movie most of us can relate to as we are often faced with choices in life which can make or break our future. The creative direction of Jan Troell gives us a touching glimps into the world of women during the early 20th century and their efforts to speak out, stand up and make a difference for themeselves. This movie has been given the thumbs up by many film festivals and critics and is sponsored by the International Film Channel (IFC). It is a foreign film with subtitles and with limited showing and engagement. I am certain avid movie goers looking for some quality film will most certainly consider this a memorable one. It is a must see.

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