Julia – May 8, 2009 Limited Engagement

An extra-ordinary performance by Tilda Swinton(Michael Clayton, Burn After Reading), who portrays a woman named Julia, who at forty is a manipulative, unreliable, compulsive liar and an alcoholic all rolled up in one. Between shots of vodka and one-night stands, Julia struggles financially and morally. The only consideration she receives comes from her friend Mitch, who tries to help her, but she always pushes him away.

Increasingly lonely and with her alcohol-induced confusion daily, she reinforces herself that life has dealt her a losing hand. As a result, one day, she decides to commit a violent crime in hopes she would come out a winner in the end. Instead, as the story unfolds, Julia’s journey becomes a headlong flight on a collision course, forcing her to makes the choice of life over death.

A Magnolia Pictures film, Erick Zonka Director, Triller. Staring: Starring: Tilda Swinton, Saul Rubinek, Kate Del Castillo, Aidan Gould, Jude Ciccolella, Bruno Bichir, Horacio Garcia Rojas, Gaston Peterson, Mauricio Moreno, Kevin Kilner, John Bellucci, Ezra Buzzington, Roger Cudney, Eugene Byrd, Sandro Kopp

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