Dr. Kevorkian and Al Pacino

I am not sure if I understand yet again where we are going with this, do we really need a movie about Dr. Kevorkian? Being of Armenian descent, First and foremost I am disturbed and traumatized enough by the TV show The Kardashians and now a movie about Dr. Kevorkian? I can think of a dozen other Armenian role models or icons, who are more worthy of having their own TV show or a movie after them, but then again who am I to voice that?

Anyway, If Hollywood must tell his story, I can think of a much better fit for the role, John Turturro immediately comes to mind. But I suppose due to Torturro’s busy schedule way into 2011, Al Pacino was the next best choice. Don’t get me wrong I have the utmost respect for Pacino and his work but Dr. Kevorkian, he shouldn’t be in my opinion. (I have included Kevorkian, Pacino and Turturro’s photos above – you be the judge)
Just in case someone is not familiar with Kevorkian. He is the man behind the “Mercy Machine,” which he build in order to conduct assisted suicide for terminally ill patients. Hes actions create such controversy for providing assisted suicide as “a medical service.”, that he ends up in prison for 7 years and but then is released on good behavior and now does public appearances. Not sure how deep into the story Barry Levinson plans to go to put the story to film, but it doesn’t matter, it will be an HBO film (thank God at least it could be overlooked) but if done tastefully it might get an honorable mention during the award season. Either way, who cares.

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