Brad Pitt = Steve McQueen

Brad Pitt although somewhat a talented but more so a lucky actor has “possibly/almost” landed the role of playing Steve McQueen in the movie Portrait of an American Rebel, which is scheduled for production later this year.

I am going to be as diplomatic as possible with this decision because, although Pitt resembles McQueen in that he loves beautiful women, fast cars and motorcycles, really is not the best person to portray the role on the silver screen. I think Daniel Craig would fit the bill better and at least he is able to act and will most certainly be able to portray the very important role of an American ICON.

Since the project is still in negotiations, I am hopeful Pitt’s hectic schedule of playing mom and dad to the six children will get in the way of committing to this project. I hope Christine Peters and Michael Cerenzie (producers) would reconsider the casting as well.

Stay tuned…

One reply to “Brad Pitt = Steve McQueen

  1. In his dreams… haha. BUT, I will give him this: because of his luck, and his similarity in appearance to Robert Redford (sorry Mr. Redford) I would cast Pitt with Daniel Craig in a remake of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. I think that would be fun. Eventhough it would more then likely not make the same amount of noise the 1969 film made across the world, I think it would be interesting to watch.Question: Who do you think should share the screen with them for the role of Sundance's lover?

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