The Hangover – June 5, 2009

The above picture is enough for me to actually see this movie, not in the theatre maybe but for sure on DVD.

The movie is of course a very typical scenario of 3 guys taking their buddy to Vegas for a bachelor party before his nuptials. The problem is, the day after no one remembers what happened to the groom-to-be. The statement “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas is an understatement for this movie in my opinion. It is a funny, crazy, entertaining and a good change from all the blockbuster line-up during the month of May.

The cast: Bradley Cooper (Wedding Crashers) , Ed Helms (The Office), Zach Galifianakis (Boston Common), Heather Graham (Austin Power), Justin Bartha, Jeffrey Tambor (Hellboy).

2 replies to “The Hangover – June 5, 2009

  1. I can’t wait to see this movie. I’ve been waiting for a movie like this one since “Very Bad Things” came out in 1998. I am sure “The Hangover” will keep us on the edge of our seats if it’s anything like Peter Berg’s movie. Sometimes you must vicariously live through other’s real or otherwise theatrical lives to experience life… (don’t ask) There are so many different directions they could have gone with this one, but the idea that a group of buddies must piece back together one of the most important nights of their friendships is meaningful enough to say that it was the best time they’ve had together. The kind of stuff that remains in grey matter for life and brings a smile to your face when you make reference to that memory. I can’t wait to live that night with them through the silver screen.

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