Broken Embraces – Penelope Cruz

I often follow the work of Penelope Cruz as I am intrigued by her talent and beauty. I was aware of her filming the movie Broken Embraces (by Pedro Almodovar)but wanted to wait until it’s showing at the Cannes Film Festival 2009 to get a feel for the outcome.

Most of the reviews I have read so far seem to find the utmost creative way of basically saying the movie is no good. Yet no matter what I read, I feel, when released, I must go and see it in order to judge for myself.

I found a great review in the Guardian UK about the movie, which in my opinion sums it up best without leaving the reader too disappointed and yet interested enough to see it and judge for themselves. Also, we have to keep in mind, Cruz’s performance is often worth seeing no matter what project she has chosen to take part it. And last, comparing this movie to Pedro Almodovar’s Volver is not a fair critique as the contents differ a great deal.

Anyway, I am going to wait for the release date and then after seeing will have a better analysis of the movie for your reading pleasure.

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