The Informant – My pick for Friday 9/17/09

Some of the members of the Ocean’s Franchise (Sodenbergh and Clooney) got together to conjure up a wonderfully humorous movie about “corporate America,” and although the movie is based on true events which took place during the 80’s, the scenario can be transposed to current business practices or lack thereof in corporate America.

What is interesting is that if you have seen Ocean’s 12, Matt Damon’s role was the most significant in my opinion and he did a wonderful job delivering it back then so I have no doubt he will do the same here. Anyway, his role as Mark Whitacre in The Informant is almost a spin off of his character in Ocean’s 12, which makes it more wonderful to watch.

The story by Steve Soderbergh is about a man (Damon) who while climbing the corporate ladder quickly at an agricultural firm decides one day to become the whistle blower to the FBI about wrong doings in the corporation. However, through his own personal tactics and stupidity he not only digs a deep hole for himself with the company but also with the FBI. Without having a clue of his shortcomings, he thinks he is becoming a top notch informant and as a result of his heroic act, he gears himself to not only become a role model to the people but also a top ranking executive of the company he is trying to save and snitch on.

As I stated earlier this movie is based on a true story, it is very creative, well paced, funny and a must see in my opinion. Scott Bakula, Joel McHale, and Melanie Lynskey co-star.

The movie opens today in theatres everywhere, go check it out.

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