Couple’s Retreat – 10/09/09

When you get the funny boys together, Vaughn, Favreau and Bateman, you cannot go wrong with the outcome. Here is another funny movie from the pack, this time about couples and their relationships or lack there off. This trio take on the challenge of marriage, family, kids and other distractions in an attempt to address the age old problem of couple hood. From their perspective, it’s always good to laugh about a problem then to seek therapy, or is it?

The characters they portray and the challenges they expose trying to be the best husbands they can be to their wives, is well documented and hilariously relayed by director Peter Billingsley. There are so many funny scenes, but the one that got me while watching the trailer was when Favreau arrives at the retreat and walks out into the balcony of the hut overlooking the water, he says “This looks like a screensaver.” from that moment on you know what sort of an adventure the cast will embark on.

For a good laugh, I highly recommend Couple’s Retreat, which will open nationwide on October 9, 2009.

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