Couple’s Retreat – Why?

Here is a bit of disappointing news from me regarding Couple’s Retreat: I did not like it.

Of course I knew it would be in the top three opening weekend. Of course I was going to go see it because of the Vince Vaughn Rat Pack. Of course the story sounded semi-interesting because of the plot. Of course the trailers and advertising pumped all those movie goers on the fence to go see it, but the end result in my opinion, did not deliver what the hype was all about.

First of all, the movie was written by Vince Vaughn and Jon Favreau, which could be ok but wasn’t. Lately I have had trouble with one man shows. I think sometimes its best to let experts in the various components of movie making do their jobs so that perhaps the outcome could be the best work rather than somewhat average.

The story is about a couple (Jason Bateman and Kristen Bell), experiencing the seven year itch, decide to go to couple’s therapy through a retreat and as a result drag their friends with them. A divorced man (Faizon Love), a couple with 2 kids (Vince Vaughn and Malin Akerman) and a couple going through a mid-life crisis (Jon Favreau and Kristin Davis),attending a kiddy birthday party had less than 5 hours to decide to embark on this journey and with the push of the 2 kids under age 7 the decision was made for all of them to participate. On their trip, all the couples (as predictable) discover the flaws in their respective relationships and attempt to question their marital bliss but after the Retreat, poorly managed by a French psychiatrist (Jean Reno), they realize that they are better off together with the ones they are married to than be apart.

The movie was boring to say the least, there was no great acting, no good comedy and all the best “PART “of the movie is in the trailer. There is nothing to learn from this movie and nothing to gain from it. If you must see it, save yourself a few dollars, wait for the DVD rental.

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