Up In The Air – Post Viewing

It’s funny there is not much to say about the movie Up In The Air that has not been said before by anyone and everyone who has seen it. The movie is good, the script even better and the storyline very close to home any which way you turn.

Couple of things that come to mind for me specifically. First off, I want to state that I have developed a whole new level of respect for George Clooney’s work. I am not saying he is a bad actor or an overrated one, but I have seen the man in the flesh on two separate occasions (Ocean’s 13 premiere and the hand print ceremony at the Grauman Chinese Theater in Los Angeles) as well as all of his movies and ER on television, and I think his portrayal of Ryan Bingham in Up In The Air is by far his best work.

The other thing that impacted me is the fact how the tables have turned for the business traveller and his/her “on the road” fling, and although I called it from the beginning about Alex’s (Vera Farmiga) status quo, I was still disappointed at the end to find what I had predicted was completely true. I felt the story didn’t have to go the route Reitman had in mind for Alex’s character. I was hopeful that in this case a successful businesswoman could have existed with good qualities and no strings attached, whether or not she hooked up with Bingham’s character.

What I did appreciate however, is the fact director/co-writer Jason Reitman continued to point out how important human contact is in conducting any type of business transaction, and that by replacing human beings and their work with technological gadgets, we are not striving to create solutions but merely adding more to the problems. Since this is something most of us are beginning to recognize in our culture and society, it was nice to see it being pointed out and getting the point across so strongly.

Anyway, the movie is wonderful, hardly a comedy and sad to watch but it is a must see either way.

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