Bounty Hunter – Movie Review

I must say Gerard Butler is lucky that I am still one of his fans after the movie Bounty Hunter with Jennifer Aniston. I am almost ashamed to admit I saw the movie because a while back I had already predicted that it would not be worth the time to see it. But in my moment of weakness, I saw it and I will say, hated it.

How could Columbia Pictures let this one through their pipeline, I don’t understand. Clearly this was a reflection of banking on the stars (Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston) and their (in)ability to bring the big bucks. The sad thing is there was no chemistry between the stars so that at least you could feel entertained by it, and all their scenes were too well rehearsed and seemed robotic thanks to the botox, so there were no surprises to be impressed by, there was no natural flow to the story and just to add fuel to the fire, the plot was boring and plain stupid.

So I will tell you this, pass on the movie, unless there is absolutely nothing else to see on DVD in a month or two and you are having moving withdrawals.

One reply to “Bounty Hunter – Movie Review

  1. Does he look good? Maybe I'll rent it when it comes out and put it on mute. I mean I sat through "Australia" just to watch Hugh Jackman pour water over himself!

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