La Mission – Opens 4/9/2010

An interesting and promising movie, starring Benjamin Bratt, is scheduled to open for a limited engagement in San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York on Friday 4/9/2010.

The story filmed in San Francisco is about the low rider crowd in the Mission District and it’s connection with the gangs from the same neighborhood. It touches up on the pressures and demands that come with the low rider lifestyle and just when that is not enough to deal with , the added twist is having to deal with a gay son in a community unable to understand or accept that choice of lifestyle.

Based on what I read and seen so far, the movie has a strong message, a solid story and a movie made by the Bratt family. It is written and directed by Peter Bratt: Starring Benjamin Bratt and Sister Talisa Soto Bratt. The leading role of Che played by Benjamin Bratt is probably the best and most memorable performance in Benjamin Bratt’s career in my opinion and should be worthy of a nominee.

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