Water For Elephants – Reese Whiterspoon and Robert Pattinson

I don’t think I could get away without talking about “Water For Elephants”, a film based on the novel by Sara Gruen, with the same name. It is a period film and a love story about a man who falls in-love with a married woman, which presents challenges

There are mainly two reasons I will see the film. One because of the fact a novel, is once more, turned into film and second, I would like to see the film interpretation of the novel. This of course interests me a great deal as I have my own book pending publication, which hopefully will turn into a movie one day shortly thereafter.

Outside of that, I am actually amazed at how well Reese Whiterspoon comes across film, while portraying a woman from a classic era.  I also think Robert Pattinson and Christophe Waltz are excellent choice. For  some strange and unexplainable reason I feel as if this film, may have the same impact as  Gone With The Wind did back in 1939. Call me crazy but stay tuned!

Film opens April 22, 2011 in the U.S.

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